Libella Gene Therapeutics | Curing All Age-Related Diseases
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Reversing Alzheimers

& aging

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This is our best chance to turn things around

We have the scientists, the technology, the physicians, and the lab partners to accomplish our mission to cure Alzheimer’s and reverse aging. This is a real clinical trial that has been approved by the INVINMA. The first trial of its kind on the planet, and you have the right to choose this breakthrough solution.

Our Technology

world class professionals

During the trial, you will be in the best hands available in the modern age. Our partners are seasoned, respected doctors and scientists that are on the cutting edge of their respective fields.

Our Renowned Partners

William Andrews, PH.D.

Dr. Bill Andrews is the President and CEO of Sierra Sciences.


As a scientist, athlete, and executive he continually pushes the envelope and challenges convention. He has spent his entire life trying to defeat the processes that cause us to age.


He has been featured in Popular Science, The Today Show, and numerous documentaries on the topic of life extension including The Immortalists in which he co-stars with Aubrey de Grey.

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Dr. Jeff Mathis, OTD, CHT

Dr. Jeff Mathis is the President of Libella Gene Therapeutics.


He employs over 190 professional staff in two states through his private practice with a focus on genetic testing and specialized therapies.


Dr. Mathis formed Libella in 2007 with the sole goal of completing a Regulatory Approved Phase 1 human trial using AAV/hTERT to treat or significantly improve the condition of Alzheimer’s disease.

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First Class Healthcare

Provided by the International Hospital of Colombia (HIC).

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The International Hospital of Colombia (HIC), is a state of the art healthcare provider nestled in the city of Bucaramanga, Columbia.

They are the pinnacle of care: providing health services with excellent technical, scientific, and human quality, supported by cutting-edge infrastructure, systems and technology, and expert staff. They are motivated and with a permanent focus on service in order to satisfy and exceed their clients’ expectations.

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