One of the biggest obstacles to the advancement of telomerase therapy (hTERT gene therapy) has been the debate on whether telomerase induction causes cancer.

It is our responsibility to alert you to this fact.  The hypothesis is that most cancer cells, as opposed to healthy somatic cells, produce telomerase.  There are several experiments in progress today that are using the hypothesis that if we turn off the telomerase gene, we can fight cancer.  Therefore, some researchers believe that induction of telomerase will have the opposite effect, and cause cancer, or cause existing cancer to worsen.

Dr. Bill Andrews led the research at Geron Corporation over 20 years ago that initially discovered human telomerase, and was part of the team that led the initial experiments related to telomerase induction and cancer.

It is LGT’s belief that telomerase therapy does not cause cancer.  Our position is supported by multiple research articles.

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