Libella Gene Therapeutics (LGT) strongly believes an informed choice is a right, not a privilege.

LGT believes that “pay to play” is ethical. The data has continued to mount that telomerase activation and lengthening of telomeres may be the most exciting and disruptional breakthrough in the history of medicine.

Today the majority of human clinical studies are performed outside of the United States. Typically it is cheaper, quicker, and involves less regulation. LGT believes it is most ethical to conduct our studies where we can move faster, and at a lower cost, as long as there is no reduction in quality or safety for our study participants.

Funding is shrinking for sound clinical research and expensive new industry-disrupting technologies, especially in the world of gene therapeutics.

We believe the most expedient way to test revolutionary evidence-based technology, such as gene therapy, is a pay to play model.  The FDA passed legislation in 2009 allowing for patients to pay for their care when other viable options are not available.

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