Our mission is to reverse aging and cure all age-related diseases, starting with Alzheimer’s.

Libella Gene Therapeutics has exclusively licensed the technology of Sierra Sciences and Dr. Bill Andrews to conduct a human research project.

I have spent almost my entire life trying to defeat the processes that cause us to age. Not all animals age, and most of those that do, do not do so by the same mechanisms that humans age. We are pretty unique. My research in this field has led me, 20+ years ago, to the belief that the kingpin of aging in humans is the shortening of our telomeres. Since then hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific peer reviewed studies have confirmed this. And, some of these studies have even shown actual age reversal in every way imaginable, simply by lengthening the telomeres. No other theory on aging has ever done this! My last 20+ years of research has been devoted to finding ways to induce the telomerase gene in our cells to lengthen our telomeres and reverse our aging. This has been a struggle of almost unimaginable proportions. And, now that we have finally, successfully developed a gene therapy that can do this we face a new struggle of how to fund the astronomical costs of gene therapy. My hopes now lie with Libella Gene Therapeutics to pull together the funding that is needed. My mission in life is to turn old people into young people again. And, together with Libella we will do this.

Dr. Bill Andrews
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