We have a strong base of scientific evidence behind our experimental research project (ERP).  Our pre-clinical evidence outlined on this site is compelling.  But is it legal?  Is it moral?  Is it right for a physician to get paid to refer a patient into our ERP?  To answer these questions, we reviewed the following policies, laws, regulations and guidelines:

  1. Right to Try
  2. Access to Investigational New Drugs
  3. AMA Ethical Guidelines
  4. FDA Pay to Play Ruling
  5. Compassionate Use Regulations
  6. Regulatory/Federal Regulations regarding private payment.
  7. STARK
  8. Anti-kickback Regulations

Having considered this list, we concluded that there is no regulation or ethical position that precludes LGT from paying physicians to refer a willing and informed patient to our ERP.

Is it more ethical to offer a potential treatment to a patient that has no other options, or to deny it?  We believe informed choice is a right. Nobody is in a better position to know the options available than the physicians.

If you would like to participate, respond to jeff@libellagt.com.  The process is quick, easy, and meaningful.

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