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Telomeres & Aging

Not all animals age, and most of those that do, do not do so by the same mechanisms that humans age. We are pretty unique. The research in this field has led to the belief that the kingpin of aging in humans is the shortening of our telomeres.


Telomeres are your body’s biological clock. Every time a cell divides, your telomeres shorten, and your cells become less efficient at dividing again. This is why we age.


Since then hundreds, if not thousands, of scientific peer reviewed studies have confirmed this. And, some of these studies have even shown actual age reversal in every way imaginable, simply by lengthening the telomeres. No other theory on aging has ever done this!

Until now, despite the best efforts of modern medicine, nobody over 70 has had much in the way of good news to look forward to. The average American has a 30% chance of making it to 80 years, but that same person also has a 44% chance of getting Alzheimer’s along the way.


The last 20+ years of research has been devoted to finding ways to induce the telomerase gene in our cells to lengthen our telomeres and reverse our aging. This has been a struggle of almost unimaginable proportions.


We have successfully developed a gene therapy that can do this.

Safety Research

LGT’s gene therapy delivery system has been demonstrated as safe with minimal adverse reactions in over 186 clinical trials.


One of the biggest obstacles to the advancement of telomerase therapy (hTERT gene therapy) has been the debate on whether telomerase induction causes cancer. It is our responsibility to alert you to this fact.


Dr. Bill Andrews led the research at Geron Corporation over 20 years ago that initially discovered human telomerase, and was part of the team that led the initial experiments related to telomerase induction and cancer. It is LGT’s belief that telomerase therapy does not cause cancer. Our position is supported by multiple research articles (PDF).

Additional Information

There is a great deal of additional information available about our therapy:

Further Reading

Dr. Andrew’s Latest Book


“Telomere Lengthening: Curing All Disease Including Aging and Cancer” is Dr. Bill Andrews’ follow-up to the 2014 release “Bill Andrews on Telomere Basics: Curing Aging.” It reviews the basics of telomere biology before focusing in depth on the promise of telomere lengthening as a cure for disease and its potential for the indefinite extension of healthy lifespan.



Research Papers


We have compiled a list of dozens of research papers related to our therapies.


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